Pipedrive is a CRM that is rated by users as being easy to learn. It helps salespeople scale their business and improve their performance by prompting them to take action and directing their focus to the deals that are most likely to convert.


On average, users of Pipedrive have seen the following results after using it for one year:

  1. An increase in the number of deals in their pipeline by 93%
  2. A reduction in the time it takes to close a deal by 46%
  3. An increase in the average value of closed deals by 21%




Founded in 2010, Pipedrive’s head office is located in New York, NY with 9 other offices in 8 countries. 


Designed and developed by salespeople who found a gap in the CRM niche, Pipedrive’s focus is on the sales funnel of your organization.

Over 350+ Integrations

Lead Tracking

Various Customization Options

Top Reviews

What People Are Saying About Pipedrive


Deepak W


The solution's simplicity and easy accessibility have jazzed me. My entire team is on Pipedrive. Now I have access to all my deals and activities around the deal on the go.


Jorij Abraham


Very happy with Pipedrive. I have been using it now for 2 years. Excellent customers service, always helping you within a few minutes. The system itself is very easy to use but still quite advance. I have also used hubspot in the past but it is way more expensive. I can strongly recommend pipedrive!




Probably the easier to use CRM. We have tried Zoho, Hubpost, Sugar, Salesforce. Very easy to setup and to use. Good self-onboarding workflow. I like that we can customize the pipelines to some extend. Pipedrive has many enhancement options too. Could be a bit less expensive.




We're really happy with Pipedrive. After spending a lot of time comparing multiple solutions out there we ended up choosing Pipedrive and haven't regretted our decision even after a few years now. It is flexible, customisable and allows us to manage the data we wanted to manage in a flexible way. The app works flawlessly as well so we're happy to have chosen for Pipedrive.


Scott K


We haven't found a better system for the price or one that didn't require another 6-month long "consultant" to customize it, only to learn that what we really wanted was not doable. I'm finished searching for and customizing CRM's because Pipedrive has done the job well-enough for us.

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