Frequently Asked Questions

What is CompariZone?

CompariZone is a new innovative source that provides balanced ranks of actual financial and insurance providers. It is the ownership of Smart Gravity, ltd. We concentrate not only on insurance and payments services but on a whole area of American business. Our team focuses on the most prospective spheres. We put our eye on those branches of entrepreneurship that are now attracting everyone’s attention and will determine the future of our country.

How does it work?

Our analysts gather a lot of professional information considering vendors in enterprise software industries, credit cards processing, POS-terminals, insurance with its varieties (life insurance, car insurance, home warranty), etc.  

Which types of services and products can be browsed on CompariZone?

The team of CompariZone analyzes credit card processing, Point of sale terminals networks, Home warranty, CRM systems, Merchant services, Flower Delivery an so on. The list of service types is constantly updated depending on the needs of customers and the market.

How does CompariZone differ from competitors?

We provide exclusive reviews about the work of leading players in a lot of business spheres. Our experts analyze some nuances consider topics of research. After that, they write detailed reports about the topic’s work style.We are expanding for more areas to compare every month and week. We are constantly finding sites for the practical use of the data collected by our analysts.

Who do we work with?

Some details, including prices, special offers, etc., are provided directly from our business partners. We want to draw the attention of our readers that the texts and facts that describe the activities of brands and vendors change from time to time by improvements or deteriorations in their operations related to doing business.

Does it cost me anything to use CompariZone?

We charge no currency from our users for using CompariZone. It is entirely free!

Are your services safe for children?

Yes. The fact is that CompariZone does not work with minors, i.e., persons under 21. If you are a parent and know that your son or daughter has provided us with Personal Identifiable Information, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Can I read CompariZone on my cell phone?

Yes, of course. Just type on your mobile web browser and enjoy our articles, reviews, and infographics. Our website is adaptive to all types of computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

How does CompariZone protect my privacy?

Please, read our Privacy Policy page about protecting your Personal Data. It informs you of our principles of use, collection, and disclosure of PII we receive from visitors of the CompariZone.

If we still haven’t answered your question?

If we didn’t manage to answer your question in our frequently and not so frequently asked questions, just drop us a contact form.

Do we provide telephone support on CompariZone?

No, CompariZone does not. If our customers have a complaint or face difficulties using CompariZone, they can email us at: [email protected].