Infoflo is a CRM that is easy to use and perfect for managing customer relationships. It includes the most robust Outlook sync on the market! Infoflo is a fully integrated solution that manages contacts, relationships, emails, calendars, documents, sales tasks, and VoIP. It also includes QuickBooks, Outlook, and Google Sync.




InfoFlo, a division of Carmel Vision, was founded in 2004 with their head office in Toronto, ONT. The CRM has been in the business for almost twelve years and has over 16,000 customers.


They offer two options. One is cloud-based and is a monthly paid subscription and the other is on-premise with a one-time cost for lifetime access. 


The on-premise CRM is powerful and easy to integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It also has great offline capabilities and can handle large data volumes.

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Jeremy K


While we are brand new to working with the software, I appreciate the fact that you can very easily tailor the experience to your own needs. Without a doubt, after many months of trialing a plethora of CRM software, I have found that InfoFlo is the best option for a permanent (non-subscription-based), relatively inexpensive non-cloud-based experience, that offers a simple and straightforward means to organize and track legal cases. Their sales and support staff go above and beyond to help you in the decision-making process, and offer a great trial experience so that you know exactly what you are getting into. They make suggestions for what add-ons will best suit your needs and demonstrate the many ways you can customize the software to fit your practice. I have to give a special shout-out to Shai for making this one of the most pleasant purchases ever--he goes out of the way to provide you with a personal and informed experience. The fact that you can start with the basics and add on more functionality as you grow is also a truly wonderful feature. Room for expansion and free updates makes this software that will grow with your firm. If you need a product that will help your team stay organized without breaking the bank, you owe it to yourself to try InfoFlo. o some, the fact that InfoFlo is very simple and focused on basic tasks may be a turn-off. For our firm, however, this is precisely the reason we chose it. In the words of my supervisor, "we were only using 100 square feet of a 10,000 square foot mansion" with our previous CRM. It was costly and offered much more than we truly needed. InfoFlo offers just what we need for an affordable one-time fee.


Tom P


This CRM software is the exact solution I was looking for to keep track of my contacts. Their on-premise option was even more appealing to me because it had a one-time price with free updates. The platform is straightforward and relatively easy to navigate. This CRM option from Infoflo Solutions is perfect for those looking for a simple solution with opportunities to be a robust as you want it to be. You can have the sole on-premise option or use the online version, and you can use both versions can be used with multi-user options. Easy navigation and set up with the flexibility to fit all your needs. They also have an extensive library of information and videos for setup and its features. If you need extreme hand-holding for setup, there may be a slight learning curve.


Jeff B


Easy to use. Got on top of it in hours. Simple interface, simple screens. Particularly like the "relations" so you can go from Company to Employee or Employee back to company. Far more powerful than a "folder" structure which I have used previously. Have only ONE style of email template. I suggest an alternative or rather an addition. Have MANY buttons on the email screen that are programmable. First button could be programmed to have the caption THANK YOU. Which on clicking simply inserts into the email text "Thank you for your email". Another button programmed to have the caption TRIAL which on clicking inserts some text into the email "You can download a trial version from our website www...... Another button SIGNATURE which inserts your signature as text. With ten buttons you can personalize the email in a few button presses. I have been thanked so many times for my personal email using a button system. I ignore one template email - there is a lot of text that is mainly irrelevant. The buttons give you the opportunity to personalize emails and make a real point of difference. I have used such a system and loved it. Don't get me wrong InfoFlow is great - but this is one feature that I would use many times a day and I would warrant so would everyone else. The more buttons the better. Got other ideas too if you like this one! I develop software myself.


Laura D


The program met our privacy requirements by allowing us to keep client data on our own server. Being a Canadian company, InfoFlo understood the Canadian privacy regulations. Outlook Sync was a much faster and easier way to file emails by client.


Javier A


The interface is very friendly to use, which allows starting productivity right away. No training is really needed. WE expected some CRM features and Infoflo matches all of them.

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