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Founded in 2009 with a mission to simplify CRM and focus on small business needs.  We focus on giving our customers what they really need, and nothing they don't. That means no annoying buzzwords, no confusing pricing plans, no long-term contracts, and none of those other things that we all know are annoying.


We focus on small businesses and teams that want to manage their contacts, notes, daily tasks, and sales pipeline with their CRM at a reasonable cost (just $15 per user, per month. No other fees/contract). We are particularly good for teams that want simple customization options and ease of use with a CRM. Most importantly, we offer businesses free phone and email support along with free setup and training. This includes helping to import existing contacts into the CRM at no charge.

Perfect for small / startup comp

Manage Leads and Deals

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Hal W


LACRM is a boon to my brokerage. Works great. And you guys are doing a great job of managing it. Having all my client data in one place, alerts, lead and process management. I am less likely to miss deadlines and more likely to be proactive. Your customer service is the best.


Rachael M


As a small business and consultant in my industry LACRM provides me with everything I need in a CRM - flexibility, easy-to-use and great, affordable pricing. I think it's hands-down the best CRM I've ever worked with and I actually enjoy using it day in and day out (when was the last time you heard someone say they liked using a CRM?). As an added bonus, their customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend it.


Mike B


The price can't be beat. I've looked at other programs to help me track customers, store critical information, and keep me organized. All much more expensive. And for my needs, which are pretty basic, the software is perfect. For those who need more powerful tools to market to customers, those are there, too.


Thomas J


We have been using LACRM for over eight years now and still think it is the best and most easy-to-use CRM for small and midsize businesses in the market. We think the internal structure of the fields and how the workflows are organized for the user are outstanding, logical, and optimized for fast use. The LACRM creators are excellent thinkers. They created a practical product with the user in mind. Because of the simplicity and ease of use some features found in more complex systems such as complex graphics and impressive reports are absent but not really missed by us. We still get all the data and info we want. Because export into Excel is built-in, in depth data analysis is not a problem.


Rebecca S


I have worked with many different CRM systems, and Less Annoying CRM is by far the best system I have ever used. It's very simple, I love how you can easily create reports using the drop down menus or by simply clicking on a hyper link, everything is displayed right there on your workspace page for you, you can easily go into each customer and see everything you need to stay up to date. I highly recommend this and hey have an amazing team of people behind the system too.

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