One of ClickUp's most impressive features is its customization capabilities. This online software solution lets users personalize their projects according to their workflow, business model, and preferences. With ClickUp, you can customize your project however you wish!

It serves as a one-stop hub for teams to plan, organize, and collaborate on their work with tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, and Whiteboard. With just a few clicks of customization, ClickUp promises to help teams of all sizes become more efficient and productive.


Founded in 2017 and based in San Diego, ClickUp CRM is an award-winning all-in-one productivity platform. 

On the Free Forever plan, members and guests can use Workspaces without any charge. Guests have full creative and edit permissions, which cannot be changed. 

If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, the number of paid guest seats will depend on the type of plan you select:

  • Unlimited Plan - 5 guest seats for 1 member Workspace and 2 guest seats for each additional member
  • Business Plan - 10 guest seats for 1 member Workspace and 5 guest seats for each additional member
  • Business Plus Plan - the same number of guest seats as Business Plan with custom permission options
  • Enterprise Plan - the same number of guest seats as the Business Plan with advanced permission options


2021 Awards for ClickUp

  • G2 - Top 100 Fastest Growing Products
  • Capterra - Shortlist
  • GetApp - Category Leaders
  • Software Advice - Front Runners

24/7 Support

Mobile App

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Reviews

What People Are Saying About ClickUp


Mahmoud Elmasry


ClickUp is just great, In a software company it solves a very critical problem we had, Now we have everything connected in one place, It enabled managers to have a bird's eye view of what is going on in the company departments, Also for engineers to help manage their sprints and work. Strongest features of ClickUp 1. Automation 2. excellent customization 3. Relations and multiple views


Georgi Georgiev


ClickUp was able to solve problems for multiple workflows. These are all actual problems we addressed: Replaced Jira for our agile team. Use it for classic project management - the Gantt charts view in addition to the standard upcoming task view makes everyone happy. Receive helpdesk requests using custom forms. The sales team uses it as a CRM. And it has a very non-intrusive notification system and free 1-on-1 training.


Dean Shilo


I've been using ClickUp for 3 years now and will never go back to any of the other software I've used for task management. Clickup can seem daunting and intimidating to a lot of people, but if you take the time to learn the software and watch their help and setup videos, you will love the product. I highly recommend it to all.


Jayson Ermac


Everything is working and people are more productive than ever. Communication between team members is also streamlined and no messages are ever lost due to how this platform organizes that. We have been using ClickUp for almost 2 years now and the experience has never been short of fantastic.


Lewis Norwood


ClickUp is the ultimate productivity application on the Market by far! It has helped us save time, build automations, track workload and project manage at a glance. Before ClickUp we used Google Workspace, ClickUp is the next level up. Would 100% recommend to any start-up or established business.

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