Lavu POS management solutions are easy to use and designed specifically for the restaurant industry. 


Regardless of your food service type, from a food truck to a beachside kiosk, Lavu POS solutions will work for your business. 


Founded in 2010 with its head office in Albuquerque, NM, Lavu has offices in Mexico and India to service its international customers. Lavu is available in more than 65 countries.


Lavu has designed and built a number of add-on software programs to expand your POS system. These include programs for staff scheduling and communication, accounting, online ordering, Cloud CRM, reports, and bar management.


Their website is a great resource for businesses in the food industry. You'll find cleaning checklists, a 90-day preopening plan, waste spill tracking sheets, blog posts about the food industry, and eBooks chocked full of valuable information every food establishment could ever need, just to name a few.


Lavu is packed with features to support restaurants, like online ordering, ingredient-level inventory and order management, and employee management. They also include essential POS functions for restaurants, like seat and course numbers, customizable floor plans, checks to split by seat or items, and bar tabs. There are more than 100 third-party integrations available, so you can configure Lavu to do any restaurant-specific task you can need.

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Yenifer Goudet


Very good communication, explains very well, very patient, very helpful I highly recommend this software and team!


Frontporch R.


Great POS very simple to use. Great company always handles my requests quickly & efficiently. The customer service Dept helps me with the back end as well when I’m stuck. Taylor was of great help w me today deciphering my ad in order for the product & expedited my delivery within a few days. I’m back to swiping at all registers. Thank u


Juan R Class


As always outstanding support.. from each tech support I made contact with today..they took their time helping solve all the issues I had. They broke it down and in a simple way that I was able to follow all my issues were solved.


Kalby's Koffee


Lavu is very user-friendly, from the management of food inventory, adding new items to our system, scheduling, daily reports, and especially the ease of use for our employees processing orders.


Mama’s Italian


Very good system. The CSR department is always available if you need them. The system is easy to make changes and keeps track of everything very easy to navigate.

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