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Korona POS is the perfect POS system for SMBs of all types and sizes. With its smart software, businesses can tailor the system to their specific needs and goals, and make ongoing adjustments as needed. 


Korona POS is the perfect solution for any business looking for a reliable and easy-to-use POS system that packs a big punch!



Founded in 2011, with its head office in Las Vegas, NV, Korona POS has developed a completely customizable system for all businesses- regardless of what industry you are in. 


There are a few options for your POS hardware needs. If you already own a POS system, you can integrate it with Koronas' software solutions. Or, you can buy, lease, or finance new POS hardware through their sales department.


There are four different pricing schemes to choose from; each level adds additional features. Even the most basic plan has everything a small business would need, including unlimited users, a product database, manager functions, promos and gift cards, and more. Every plan gets API access, so you can add peripheral software for more functional options.


Korona provides solutions for almost every industry. Bike shops, Cannabis dispensaries, eCommerce, wineries, event management, and ticket-selling companies are just a few of the shops that can benefit from a POS system through Korona.

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What People Are Saying About Korona POS


Kristen L.


I had such an antiquated system before, implementing Korona has been a huge game changer for my overall profitability. Implementation was seamless and painless! The support staff is great and always ready to help. Had I known it would be this easy, I would have made the switch sooner!


Gregory B.


Extremely positive. The software interfaces correctly and well with all of the equipment we need it to, the reporting is extensive, the inventory management works well, and the customer service is the best of any of our vendors.


Jenessa N.


My experience has been great! I started learning the system in October and had the hang of it shortly! It is super user friendly and intuitive! There are so many features I know as I continues to delve deeper into the software I will continue find features that make my job simpler


Oniqueh G


We transitioned multiple software solutions looking to find something that would fully integrate while also helping us dig deeper into our sales data and manage our inventory more closely. Korona has provided solutions for all of those things and made it so much easier to manage our business uniformly across all three tasting room locations as well as managing our Wine Club and online store. Of all the software solutions we transitioned to this year, Korona greatly exceeded the customer service of all others.


Stephen P


Overall a great product for retail POS system. Integrates with my credit card machine so cuts down on the potential for human error. End of Day reporting is excellent. Employee time clock is great as well.

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