The company was founded in 2006 by Nicolas Beique who still serves as the CEO today. The company is headquartered in Calgary, AB with a second office in Seattle, WA


Helcim is a payment processor that serves small to medium-sized businesses in Canada and the US by providing online and in-person credit card processing solutions.


Helcim's primary focus is on providing payment processing to merchants looking to accept in-person or online payments. In addition to payment processing the company offers a variety of business tools including a Point-of-Sale, Customer Management, Products and Inventory, Invoicing, and Online Store solutions.  A wide range of online, E-Commerce, cloud-based, mobile & retail payment platforms allows Helcim to offer a total payments solution.

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Donald W


We are brand new to this product but have used mobile software in the past, while the other software works o.k. Their customer service leaves nothing to be desired, I called on my very first day of using this product and the customer service was outstanding. The agent was amazing, very patient, answered my questions and walked me through all the different services offered. In 20 years of processing credit cards I have never had such an incredible experience. I know it was my first day and my first experience with their customer service but my mom also told me "if your relationship (business or personal) starts off bad it will most likely end bad" based off this I'm confident my relationship with Helcim is going to be outstanding


Chaya F


I absolutely love using Helcim. I have used many other platforms in previous jobs, and not one matches the level of customer service which Helcim provides. coupled with the fairly easy to use system and setup, I believe Helcim is one of the best, definitely the best for the price point, which I was just informed has been removed! It was fairly easy to set up and use, although if I didn't have experience setting up pos systems it might have been slightly more challenging. In my opinion the absolute best part of Helcim is their customer service. Whenever I hit a bump in the road, I just called customer service and an agent was able to walk me through it.


Leah M


So far, really good. The support staff are TERRIFIC -- I had to call a couple of times to figure out how to do things, but they were very fast and efficient at getting me rolling and moving ahead, and were very professional and polite.


Kelly C


I've done quite a bit of shopping around and have yet to find any card processing company that has lower or more comprehensive rates. On the rare occasion I or my staff have had to call customer service, we've had a very short wait to talk with a live person, and our issue was always easily remedied. I also appreciate that Helcim customer support were always careful to not share my personal information with my staff.


Paul S


My credit card reader was displaying a fault message so I reached out to the Helcim team to find a solution. I talked to a helpful person in the Customer Service department and he immediately had an answer to solve my problem. They walked me through the replacement process, made the necessary calls to get a new unit and most importantly kept me updated on his progress. The replacement unit was delivered to me less than 24 hours after my initial call to Helcim. Now that's service !!! The Helcim team has set standards in customer service that more companies could take valuable lessons from. The software is an integral part of my business and is reliable, well thought out and has an easy to understand interface for myself and for my customers when they are paying.

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