Established in 2011, Clover is situated in Sunnyvale, California, and provides businesses of all sizes with both hardware and software to manage their operations. This review will concentrate on the Point-of-Sale (POS) element of the comprehensive merchant service solutions offered by Clover.


Understanding your customers is essential for the success of your business.  With the “Clover Customers" tool, you can automatically build a customer data platform from credit card sales - no extra effort is required! 


Keeping all customer contact and marketing preferences up-to-date is now a breeze. Additionally, Clover Customers enables all Customer Engagement tools, allowing you to strengthen relationships with each individual customer right from the POS system - and it's free with your Clover POS system!


Clover software includes loyalty programs as part of your package, allowing you to customize your reward programs according to your preferences. Customers can register for the program using a POS system or the mobile app, and points are automatically awarded which can be redeemed at checkout. Additionally, you can add special benefits directly to customers' orders.


Clover Hardware Options


  • Station Solo: Helps restaurant owners run their businesses. It has a big screen, a cash drawer, a printer, and two cameras with barcode readers. It can take payments from cards with a magnetic strip or a chip. You can set up a floor plan, remotely take orders, and track sales. It costs $1349.
  • Station Duo: Used in restaurants and stores. It has two screens - one that is 7 inches and one that is 14 inches. Take-out customers can check their orders, pay for them, get rewards, and give tips. The machine also lets customers pay with a card swipe, chip, or tap. It costs $1649.
  • Mini: This POS system can help you run your business. It is small and looks nice. It can take payments by swiping, dipping, or tapping. It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, a receipt printer, and a barcode scanner. You can also use it to accept payments that don't have a card. You can also create invoices and reoccurring payments. It costs $749.
  • Flex: A device that you can hold in your hand. It has a screen that is 5 inches big. You can use it to pay for things by swiping, dipping, and tapping. It can also make digital and paper receipts. It can help you keep track of how much you sell, take orders, get people to sign, and scan barcodes. It costs $499.

    Clover Go: This is an app that turns your iOS or Android mobile device into a full POS system.
     It comes with a mobile card reader that can accept swipe, chip, and tap payments.
     You can also store digital receipts which can be sent to customers via email or text.

    The best part? Clover Go is quite affordable at $49!

    All plans include:

  • Recurring payments
  • Inventory management
  • Client database
  • Invoicing by email
  • Sales tracking
  • Reporting

Transparent Rates, No Surprises

Fast and Simple Setup

Accept Payments Anywhere

Top Reviews

What People Are Saying About Clover


Gordon D


Customer service has been great to work with. The integration with my website was beyond simple which is what I need running a 2 person business. The ease of which I was able to set up an account for my business and integrated it into my website was astonishing. Most people think of clover as a POS system but I primarily use it on the back side of my website and needed the option for a mobile POS. They have it both.


Craig L.


Extremely easy to use!! I love the fact I can bring it with me and collect payments anywhere anytime


Luigi A.


Very positive. It's ease of use makes it suitable for every demographic and It integrates well with our other systems like Shopify and Shopventory. Since this system uses android OS so it follows a familiar mobile OS layout. The system is extremely easy to use. I repeat, EXTREMELY easy to use. So easy that the boomers in our company did find it too difficult to learn. It's large buttons and integrated barcode scanner makes transactions quick and smooth. It integrates with most common applications such as Quickbooks & Shopify. The option to search for products by typing the name is extremely useful. As one of our owners put it, "It's pretty hard to make a mistake on it, even for a caveman like me."


Kelly P


Overall a very positive experience! Great for foodservice and customer support has been able to quickly resolve issues whenever they came up. The interface is clear, easily navigated and very editable to meet your needs. This has been ideal for our coffee truck that enjoys making custom, often complicated orders.


Yessenia S.


When we changed to clover, we thought it was going to be difficult for us to learn how to use it. We were wrong, it was really easy to use and install. One of the things I love about it is that I can add products remotely on the inventory. I can also verify the transaction remotely from my pc or my phone. The customer support is great, they immediately call back when you contact them for any problem you have with the machine, transactions, or any question you have. You can also add more features to your pos because they have a app store, which let's you add online orders, id verification, etc.

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