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Home Service Club is a home warranty company that provides comprehensive coverage for major home appliances and systems such as air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, and more. The company offers various plans to customers, allowing them to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Home Service Club is known for its responsive customer service, offering 24/7 support to customers who need assistance with a covered item. The company is also praised for its quick response time in sending out service technicians to diagnose and repair covered items.

The Home Service Club has been providing top-notch home warranty coverage for over a decade. 

The founders started this company with the goal of providing outstanding service to all households. Our customers' satisfaction is the foundation of our success as a leading home warranty provider.

In terms of benefits, Home Service Club offers a 30-day guarantee on all repairs and a 90-day guarantee on all parts and labor. The company also provides free concierge services to help customers find service technicians and offers discounts on home services and products.


The Home Service Club was founded in 2008 with its head office in New York City. 


One of the few Home Warranty companies to offer extended coverage on utilities outside the home such as water, sewer, electric, and gas lines. 

It's important to note that Home Service Club's coverage and benefits vary by plan and location, so customers should carefully review the details before purchasing a plan. The company does not cover pre-existing conditions, normal wear, and tear, or items that are not properly maintained.


The Home Service Club offers top-tier services from some of the best technicians in the country and discounts on items like flooring and cabinetry and other items.


Home Service Club is considered a reputable and reliable option for homeowners looking for protection for their major home appliances and systems

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What People Are Saying About The Home Service Club (Test)


Emily D


Consumer Affairs rated The Home Service Club 4 stars out of 5. I would rate this company 5 stars. I had to get my dishwasher fixed the same day it died.


Jason Cavallaro


The airconditioner in my mom's house has been acting so crazy. We couldn't increase the temperature, so we've been freezing for days! We called HSC when we realized things weren't going to get better, and luckily they were able to send a contractor quick. Luckily, this was included in our HSC home coverage. I've learned its both efficient and practical to avail of this company's services.


Bob H


I found a review site called Compari Zone that gave HSC good reviews so I signed up for the home warranty plan that suited my purposes. It was very easy to buy from their site.


Denver Bone


I really had a wonderful experience with the exterminator that was there to rid my house of the worst mice infestation I have ever lived through in my seven years living in this house. He knew a lot about these sorts of creatures. He really was an expert in his field. It was a privilege to have him over my house. Keep up the good work!


Zack Delogo


Mothers looking for value for money better trust the repair of their household appliances to Home Service. Don’t hesitate to avail of their services. My mother is very shy to ask for help because she fancies herself as a strong independent woman. But from time to time, she does entrust her house with the Home Service Club especially with electrical work.

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