Stax by Fattmerchant

In addition to Stax’s unique approach to the pricing model, its transparent and open business style is a fresh breeze in the market. Stax is a great way to find a team respectful of their clients’ needs and offers a range of affordable and flexible services. We dream that the success of Stax and similar market players will lead to lasting change throughout the US industry. And sooner or later, it will happen.

Main characteristics

  • Payment technology (in-store, online, and mobile) — excellent
  • Availableness — suitable for all businesses
  • API tools — online guides and templates are available 
  • Omni Analytics — meticulous reports
  • Excellent customer support — by phone and online
  • Flat fee processing — no hidden prices
  • Terminals — They receive all types of payments 
  • E-Commerce — connect to shopping cart
  • Funding — Availability of funds the same day
  • Omni integration — everything on one site.

Types, Coverage, and Markets

For each company, Stax offers a full service for maintaining trading accounts. It is a complete service with unique trade identification numbers. This Orlando-based team is not a direct processor but partnered with Worldpay to process payments.

For casual merchants looking for a counter-pay device, Stax offers multiple terminals to choose from – Dejavoo along with PAX A920. But if you already have a terminal, Stax will also reprogram it for free to work with its system.

To get complete support for your terminals, the customer can add a protection plan. It is ideal for those who do not care about integrating the terminal with their POS system. By the way, Stax does not lease terminals but sells them directly.

Other offerings

If a customer wants to sell online with a convenient payment processor, Stax offers a custom e-commerce shopping cart. It will be possible to keep visitors to your website throughout the entire process. Also, Stax’s customers can control the appearance of their purchase tray. It is a more advanced feature than web payments and is included in the Stax virtual terminal.

Technical details

Financial statements are included free of charge. They are simple but very high quality. Also, the user can get a report on the categories and sales of goods. In addition to all financial data, a projected inventory statement is provided. In addition, using Stax, he can view all data from many sales channels. If a subscriber needs more information, he can purchase a more expensive data plan or pay monthly plus $ 20 for the advanced reporting add-on.

The service team’s approach to pricing in the context of an integrated universal payment processing platform is far from ideal. At the same time, the execution is impressive. Even if this platform is not as reliable as dedicated standalone software, it still performs well.

Any user of the platform can send invoices either from a virtual terminal or from a mobile application. For filling in crucial details, this feature syncs with the product catalog and customer business database.

Any employee can immediately view due invoices and set recurring invoices. Stax is not as advanced as PayPal or Square. And these services have a reputation for being professional entry-level platforms when compared to complete billing solutions. At the same time, Stax does its job clearly. However, we advise you to use a dedicated billing service if you need to receive initial payments or set up an installment plan.

Customer support

Phone number – +1(407)982-1782.

Pros and Cons


  • Average Savings of 40%
  • Contactless, e-commerce, and mobile payments 


  • Starting at $99/month + 0% markup
  • Forward-thinking service
  • Payment Processing Platform: All-in-One. 

Bottom line

Fattmerchant’s Stax is a reliable payment processor and merchant check transmitter that has undergone many reforms in recent years. 

And this rebranding of Fattmerchant and Stax itself benefited users. Such a platform has introduced a new pricing scheme and an innovative package for its subscribers. 

Now Stax Connect is for software development teams. But for the most part, the services and products of this company have not changed.