Since its inception in 2005, Payoneer has been at the forefront of democratizing access to global commerce. It empowers millions of small and medium businesses by providing a platform that bridges the gaps in international trade, making global commerce more accessible and manageable. Payoneer's multi-currency account is designed to cater to businesses looking to expand globally, allowing them to manage transactions in multiple currencies and target new international markets. Their vision extends beyond mere transactional capabilities, aiming to simplify cross-border trade and level the playing field for businesses of all sizes​​.


Key Features:

  • Simplified Business Payments: Payoneer ensures that global business is as hassle-free as local transactions, offering a seamless payment experience for clients, partners, and suppliers​​.
  • Efficient Cross-Border Payments: The platform simplifies what is traditionally a complicated process, allowing businesses to keep more of what they earn with fewer international transfer costs​​.
  • Marketplace Integration: With connections to leading marketplaces, Payoneer enables businesses to expand their global footprint effortlessly​​.
  • Broad Network Participation: Joining Payoneer connects businesses with millions of other users, fostering a vast network of global commerce​​.
  • Dedicated Support: Payoneer’s global teams provide business payment support in multiple languages, ensuring users are well-guided at every step​​.
  • Global Business Wallet: The platform serves as a global business wallet, facilitating payments and receipts from anyone, anywhere in the world​​.


Pricing and Fees:

  • Payoneer strives to keep pricing low or free where possible, aiming to help businesses retain more earnings​​.
  • Fees for services like receiving payments from clients or marketplaces are kept competitive, with some services being free of charge​​​​.


Core Values:

Payoneer operates on principles of excellence, transparency, humility, passion, inclusion, and action. These values drive their mission to offer outstanding service and solutions, maintain open and honest communication, and continuously innovate to enhance customer experiences​​.




Payoneer stands out as a dynamic and efficient solution for businesses engaging in global commerce. Its strength lies in its ability to simplify international payments, integrate with major marketplaces, and connect a vast network of global businesses. With competitive pricing, a focus on keeping more earnings within businesses, and a commitment to values like excellence and transparency, Payoneer positions itself as a key player in facilitating cross-border trade. It's a platform that not only processes transactions but also actively supports the growth and expansion of global business endeavors.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Global Marketplace Integration

Competitive Transaction Fees

Top Reviews

What People Are Saying About Payoneer


John Kelly


Using Payoneer for my international transactions has been a game changer. The ease of handling multiple currencies has simplified my business dealings overseas.


Emily Edwards


As an online seller, Payoneer's integration with global marketplaces has made receiving payments effortless. It's been a key factor in expanding my business internationally.


Michael Thompson


I've been impressed with Payoneer's low transaction fees and the reliability of their service. It's cost-effective and provides peace of mind for my international financial transactions.


Sarah Hill


The support I've received from Payoneer has been outstanding. Their multilingual team is always ready to assist, making it easier to manage my global business operations.


Alan Clark


What stands out for me with Payoneer is the security of their transaction processing. I feel confident managing my finances through their platform, knowing that my transactions are secure

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