Leaders Merchant Services by BBVA USA

It is a very experienced processor. LMS determines the pricing individually with the market leaders. After all, the price will be adjusted due to the volume of daily sales, the industry in which the business operates, and the type of business. Some rates are permanently fixed.

Main characteristics

  • Payment technology (in-store, online, and mobile) — yes
  • Availableness — suitable for any businesses
  • API tools — online guides and templates are available 
  • Omni Analytics — meticulous reports
  • Excellent customer support — by phone and online
  • Flat fee processing — no hidden prices
  • Terminals — they receive all types of payments 
  • E-Commerce — connect to shopping cart
  • Funding — availability of funds the same day
  • Omni integration — meticulous reports.

Types, Coverage, and Markets

Backed by Green Dot, LMC provides paperless payroll services from SimplyPaid. The company can easily and quickly: make payments via virtual debit cards, ACH, ApplePay, bank accounts, checks, cash, or PayPal.

Offers Instant Accept POS software that integrates with QuickBooks. It improves the quality of accounting and increases financial efficiency.

All plastic cards, mobile banking, AndroidPay, PIN-based payments, and ApplePay are accepted.

LMS is strictly PCI compliant and certified. Encryption tools ensure the security of customer data.

Other offerings

LMS uses SSL.

Credit card terminals and contact pads with First Data chip, EMV from Pax, and Verifone.

Technical details

LMS has its own POS. For example, Clover (Clover Station and Clover Go) and Banq.

Direct partnership with Wells Fargo.

Customer support

Online web form – available.

Live chat – available.

Phone number: 800-376-2809.

Pros and Cons


  • High-risk sellers
  • Small businesses with the ability to accept credit cards
  • Online Stores
  • Companies of all sizes are looking to offer choices when it comes to payment methods.


  • Sellers who refuse to sign a multi-year contract
  • Companies from the marijuana, travel, porn, and gun retail industries.

Bottom line

LMS has been providing convenient and inexpensive trading accounts for over 20 years. The LMC team will painlessly guide your company through the installation process and help determine the optimal equipment and prices.

This team prides itself on serving businesses of all sizes. In the context of settlement processing, they can satisfy a wide range of requests.

LMS’s greatest strengths are flexibility and speed of service. Mobile devices, POS terminals, retail outlets, or online: they control everything.

They don’t have the cutting-edge technology of Flagship, but a personal touch will surround any salesperson in terms of customization or advanced solutions.