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First Premier Home Warranty offers a variety of reasonably priced home warranty plans that allow customers to pick and choose how they want to build a home.

First Premier Home Warranty is a reliable company that you can trust. Their team of experts will provide you with dependable and excellent coverage for your home appliances.


Founded in 2020 with its head office in Brooklyn, NY, this is a new kid on the block. Although they don’t offer coverage in all states yet, customer satisfaction in the states they service is GREAT according to Trustpilot. First Premier Home Warranty has B+ accreditation after its 2019 debut in the industry.  Customers can sign up for a monthly or shorter-term plan. Or a family can pay for the annual program and save over $100 for the year.

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Kristina B


Sales agent was very knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and helpful in navigating me to a new home warranty that I think I will be happy and comfortable with, especially after a year working with another company, who provided poor customer service and support for a year. He made sure I understood the First Premier plan, my options, and the many choices and benefits I have. I look forward to working with such a highly rated company. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to speak and work with him who worked very hard with this senior citizen to sign me up with a great yet affordable, flexible plan that adds value to my home. He greatly alleviated any worries that I had experienced from my dealings with and assured me that I would receive top notch service and help being with First Premier. He was so very helpful!


Deborah Sullivan


Just signed up and so far the process has been amazing! They give a great military discount for a full year coverage or even longer. The agent was very patient while I shopped around unlike the other companies that still call me every 30 minutes. amazing price for great coverage and they came highly recommended to us.


Molly Lancaster


I just bought a house and already experienced the need to file my first claim. I reached out to file my claim and got the best customer service today. I was walked through the process, the agent understood my needs, and explained the next steps. I also shared that I didn’t needed a copy of my policy and request. They give me the number for the policy department . Instead, the agent forwarded my request to the department and is having my policy forwarded to me. One-stop-shop! This was the best customer service experience I’ve had in weeks


Micky M


I called home First Premier Home Warranty to file a claim and it was one of the nicest experiences I have ever had. I was so frustrated about the problem I called about. The claim representative Tyson really made it easy for me to understand everything and put my mind at ease. Within a few hours he had a technician at my house diagnosing my washing machine, after the diagnosis our lovely technician called the authorization department at First Premier and had it approved within minutes!! Very satisfied with this company. I definitely recommend them!


Martha Barrett


You made everything so easy for my switch between insurance companies. I had a couple phone calls and I got my policy for both my house. Very nice and professional staff. Thank you. Highly recommended!

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