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Home Warranty of America has been giving Americans home warranty for over 25 years and offers countrywide coverage with over 25,000 technicians located in local communities. Service calls can be made online or over the phone 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, and they will dispatch a Service Request to an Authorized Repair Technician within 48 hours.


Home Warranty of America was founded in 1996 with their head office in Edison, NJ, but in 2022, the company was sold to new owners.


Home Warranty of America is a member of the Ethical Directory and United States Green Products. The company offers a service known as GreenPlus for an additional low monthly fee per month. The GreenPlus add-on covers appliances that need to be replaced with Energy Star-qualified products, including the dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer, and others.


HWA offers 2 plans starting at $ 46 a month, and optional add-ons you can purchase al-la-carte. You can transfer your contract if you sell your home mid-term.


The Home Warranty of America realtor package offers immediate coverage on your listing, giving homeowners an advantage when it comes to selling.


For customers who are particular about searching companies that are environmentally friendly, Home Warranty of America is a great option.

Available in all 50 states

Guaranteed 30-day refund

24/7 Claims service

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What People Are Saying About Home Warranty of America Duplicated


Gregg Newland


I was extremely impressed with the quick response and the short length of time that it took to schedule the appointment. The contractor was very professional and completed the repairs without any delays.




I was having issues with my Air conditioning unit in my home so I called and made a claim through HWA. The company who took the claim was quick to schedule an appointment and when they came out it turned out to be a major issue. When the issue was reported to Hwa it was determined that I needed a whole new A/c unit and Hwa Approved the replacement. I'm currently waiting on all the equipment to come in but I will soon have a New Air conditioning system in my home.




I have had other warranty company's before but HWA has been the best so far with having great company's that work for them I had a dishwasher that was not working and the they had someone come out that had the part already and fixed it the same day I did not have to wait a week for a part to see if this fixed it.


Patricia Manning


I had been skeptical about renewing my contract with HWA but I'm so glad I did. This past experience was amazing. After putting in my claim I got my information within a few hours of who was coming out to fix my washing machine. And they showed up on time and made the repair. We worth the annual fee to know who to call when something breaks down and know that they'll come through.


Kevin Kerivan


We had the company come out and inspect our pool equipment to see what was wrong with it the day after I called. He turned in his report and the next day after that we got the ok that the warranty will cover our issue. The work was then scheduled for 3 days later to fix everything. Very fast.

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