Flagship Merchant Services by First Data

We represent to your attention a famous corporation. When it comes to independent processing of payments and accepting credit cards, SMEs get the most out of the services of Flagship, which operates under the direction of BBVA Compass Bank. In addition, it works with Paysafe – the leading business management and payments software development team. It offers low monthly rates, flexible terms, pay per contact, and no setup fees. These are the advantages of this system. Since its inception, more than 100 thousand clients have passed through it.

Main characteristics

  • Payment technology (in-store, online, and mobile) — good
  • Availableness — suitable for medium and big businesses
  • API tools — online guides and templates are available 
  • Omni Analytics — meticulous reports
  • Excellent customer support — by phone and online
  • Flat fee processing — no hidden prices
  • Terminals — they receive all types of payments 
  • E-Commerce — connect to shopping cart
  • Funding — availability of funds the same day
  • Omni integration — meticulous reports.

Types, Coverage, and Markets

  • Flagship offers terminal upgrades by reprogramming them. Such an operation can be performed for those sellers who wish to buy them at no additional cost. A similar process takes place when a new account is set up.
  • Flagship has a 24/7 Fast Track Program.
  • The Clover Suite line is exciting. This product consists of Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, Clover Station, universal POS system, etc.
  • After initial account setup, retailers can sometimes get a free credit card terminal. By the way, the monthly fee contributes to the renewal and insurance of the POS.
  • Shopping terminal MobilePay can sometimes compete with the mobile processing leader Square by providing analytical reports and inventory management.
  • Merchants can choose between Flagship’s Expinet service and the Authorize.Net payment gateway.
  • The company has various APIs for customizing site integration.
  • Flagship provides companies with a card reader from Paysafe and MobilePay. Both iOS and Android are available, as well as an EMV compatible card reader.

Other offerings

While many competitors will charge setup and registration fees, early termination fees, and so on, Flagship will not. That is why sellers choose a company due to the lack of commission. The main benefit of Flagship is the absence of long-term contracts, so you can switch to another provider after about a month or two if you no longer want to continue using their services. It’s easier for small and medium-sized businesses to get started with plastic cards, as worrying about sudden invoices popping up in these departments will not be an essential factor. Flagship has security technologies to help prevent identity theft. Finally, if the company’s customers use Authorize.net, they are not charged to install the gateway.

Technical details

The company has an individual approach to each of its clients. Setting up a tariff plan involves talking by phone to find out the unique needs of each company.

Gateway transaction fees start at 21 cents, and the online discount rate is 0.98-1.98%. The price for checking the address is 5 cents. As such, the rate is often $0.19 per transaction plus 0.38%.

The base price is different for different customers, but the monthly checkout fee is $ 7.95, the gateway costs the same. But this does NOT include installation fees. The average discount rate for a credit card is 0.38% – 1.58%, and the retail transaction fee is 19 cents. The cost of the equipment varies for different types of business.

Customer support

Online web form – available.

Post address: 100 City Square, 4th Floor, Charlestown, USA.

Phone number: 888-580-46-85. 

Pros and Cons


  • Customer support around clock
  • Cooperation with Paysafe and Authorize.net


  • Quality of service is not as high outside of business hours
  • More expensive tariffs
  • Not suitable for small business.

The Flagship Merchant Services site promotes customer support which is available around the clock. However, some merchants have reported that the quality of service is not as high outside of business hours, so it’s recommended to get in touch with an in-house representative during these times where possible. In many situations, Flagship will recommend contacting the processor directly, and it may be quicker in some cases to resolve a query by speaking with Paysafe or similar first.

The representative who assisted the merchant in their initial account setup will continue to be their main point of contact as a dedicated account manager. However, it’s possible to transfer to another representative if any issues are encountered.

Bottom line

The prices for Flagship services are desirable. Id est, you can get more valuable things for less. Here we are talking about the effective management of commissions, personnel management with the help of GPS, as well as operating income and suppliers. Flagship is considered the best on the market because it easily defeats competitors in the above positions.