At PaymentCloud, We aren’t  just about payment processing. We excel at it and disrupt the status quo. We're striving to be the best payment processor for high-risk and small businesses.


Their innovative approach to payments makes us a disrupter in the space. Fraud prevention, advanced payment gateway, and hundreds of integrations allow them to meet your needs quickly and effectively.


Founded in 2015 and based on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, PaymentCloud has risen through the ranks to be one of the top credit card services in the USA. 


Working with a large selection of lending institutions they offer robust anti-fraud solutions. This protects your company and your customers from the ever-increasing threat of scams and identity theft. This is especially important today as more and more crooks are looking to take advantage of others.


Coverage is available for most industries including CBD.

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What People Are Saying About PaymentCloud


Debbie S


I am a brand new startup in a high risk category so finding a payment processor is nearly impossible!!!!!! I wasted many months looking (and at one point waiting to hear back from someone at Square) and felt like giving up. This whole part of a small business is complicated enough.😕

But I persisted and saw Payment Cloud recommended on the big platform where my website is.

I was pleasantly surprised to actually get to a real person there who was willing to help me... and then some. David Salas is my dedicated account rep and It's wonderful to have the same person along the way through the application process, which went pretty smoothly.

I am so grateful to have found Payment Cloud and look forward to growing my business with them!


Angela K


This was one of the most pleasant customer service experiences I received in a long long long time. Miles was great and everything was timely. Thank you for your great service.


Cole S


I was looking around the internet for reviews on Credit card companies and found a site called CompariZone which has reviews on different companies so you can compare them against each other. What a time saving website. Payment Cloud stood out. I like the ease of use, Payment Cloud set me up with a great processor! Their rep did a great job and answered all my questions. Has fulfilled my expectations.


Alexis H


The agent who helped me onboard was attentive and consistent throughout the process. She really took the initiative in helping me in not only signing on for their payment processing, but also finding a gateway provider and giving me leads on merchant accounts.

They made sure I knew how to manage my accounts and had everything properly set up and in compliance. They turned what could’ve been an intimidating process riddled with errors into a smooth transition for my business.

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