Helcim believes that by creating an easier, smarter, and more affordable payment solution, we can enable more businesses to get paid and grow.


Helcim processes billions of transactions every year for thousands of merchants across 800 industries with clear and transparent pricing. 


At Helcim, we believe in developing strong, lasting relationships with our merchants. Our in-house customer service team is dedicated to providing outstanding service and will take the time to thoroughly explain how our services work, including our virtual terminal, invoicing, payment requests, recurring billing, customer management, online store and more.


Founded in 2009 Helcim is a US/Canadian credit card processing company. Based in Seattle Washington and Calgary Alberta.


Helcim provides excellent and transparent services for small businesses.  


Very transparent pricing is provided on their pricing page along with a great explanation of what all the fees are for. 

Fast processing time

Safe and Secure

Mobile Payments


Top Reviews

What People Are Saying About HELCIM


Carlboo K


In Autumn 2020 we changed our card payments from a well known huge company (very expensive, zero customer service) over to HELCIM. From the beginning it was a very pleasant experience. Great customer service via email and phone, very patient agents to help us through the clitches and stitches in the beginning. There are also very well explained tutorials to guide anyone through set up procedures. Now we want to make the next step, bringing our inventory to HELCIM, using more features of this fantastic system. We're getting great help with this as well and would recommend HELCIM for any small business, non-profit or even home based businesses.


Kim M


We got a new credit card machine and printer and I needed support to get the unit up and running. I called in and found Lindy, the rep I got on the phone, to be so kind & patient in helping me navigate set-up. The next day somehow my printer wasn't working and again, she walked me through getting it to work. We are now up and running and are very happy with our service, machine and printer and tech support was the best I've ever had with any company!!! Thank you!


Leah M


So far, really good. The support staff are TERRIFIC -- I had to call a couple of times to figure out how to do things, but they were very fast and efficient at getting me rolling and moving ahead, and were very professional and polite.


Carl L


I found a review site called Top Compari Zone that gave helcim good reviews so I signed up for the plan that suited my company best. So far, really good.

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