Flagship Merchant Services is a payment processing company that offers businesses a suite of solutions to accept payments from customers. The company's solutions allow businesses to securely and efficiently process payments through various channels, such as online, mobile, and in-person transactions. Flagship Merchant Services is known for its expert support and cost-effective payment processing solutions, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. With its focus on security and ease of use, Flagship Merchant Services is a leading provider of payment processing solutions.


Flagship Merchant Services support all types of businesses but are best suited to restaurants and retail locations. 


Flagship is a leading provider of merchant services in the US. They offer innovative products, services, and technology to help businesses succeed. 


Their expertise and experience keep them at the forefront of the industry and are committed to helping clients get the most benefit from their services. Every business is unique, and they work hard to provide customized solutions that fit each business's needs.


Founded in 2001 Flagship has its head office in Walnut Creek, CA., and is a registered ISO of BBVA USA.

Over 25,000 small business customers use Flagship’s solutions because they can be tailored to your specific needs. 


They offer a free Clover Mini POS terminal or if you need a handheld terminal, there is also an EVM Certified terminal for free. Using the virtual terminal gives business owners the capability to collect money anywhere and quickly run and view reports, and manage financial statements.

Flagship's credit processing solutions are marketed as being best suited for brick-and-mortar retail and restaurant businesses, but they also support eCommerce and virtual terminal solutions. They offer information on PCI compliance but do not provide consultation on the matter.

The company aims to simplify PCI compliance through its payment gateway. They accept common types of payments such as swipe, EMV, contactless, and mobile. The scalability of their processing solution cannot be fully determined, but their support for both in-store and online transactions, as well as their custom payment button for faster ePayments, are tools that businesses of all sizes can utilize as they grow with the support of a representative.



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I need Merchant service, I searched and find that Flagship, was Ideal for my online business. L called on of their sales Representative, and he fill my application on the phone, and email me my application to sign it all that tacks 15 minutes. 48 hours later I was up and running, I place a real order, and get through. That is great service and perfection.


Shawn Alene


After having a couple bad experiences with other merchant processing companies I found Flagship was rated #1 on the internet. I can tell you there's a reason they're rated #1. My sales rep Cory was extremely helpful and friendly. Everyone I've dealt with has been a pleasure.


Linda Stanford


I recently started a new business and was clueless about how to handle credit card payments. My bank referred another company to me but after doing my own research, I chose Flagship Merchant Services. Cory became my account representative. He answered all my questions and was very patient and extremely helpful. I highly recommend it!


Hiren Streamwood


The process was smooth and the representative was very helpful throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Flagship Merchant to someone in future. Thank you so much for all of your help


Ricardo Hendersonville


Moving to Flagship from Previous Processor - Professional. Cory was helpful every step of the way and got things done. She is aware of the value of time and is a true professional. Thorough and followed-up, and it is important to note that and reciprocate when one is fortunate to run into quality and professionalism. Thanks.

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