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Founded in 2011, Clover is based in Sunnyvale, California. Clover offers all sizes of businesses hardware and software to be able to accept payments. Although Clover is a full-service merchant service provider, this review will focus on its credit card processing side.


To process credit card payments with Clover, you can either buy hardware from them or use their virtual terminal on your smartphone or tablet. The Clover Go app is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App stores, allowing businesses to take payments immediately. If you buy a physical terminal, you‘ll need to wait overnight for it to be delivered before you can begin accepting payments.


With a Clover system, you can accept all major credit cards and contactless digital payments. Depending on which Clover system you get, you can even scan checks for deposit into your bank.


Loyalty programs are a part of Clover software and are included in your packages. You can customize your reward programs how you want. Customers can sign up through a POS system or on the mobile app. Points are awarded automatically and can be redeemed at checkout. You can also add perks directly to their order.


Include an automatic customer code on your receipts, and extend an invitation to your customers to provide their feedback. They can use their unique code on the Clover mobile app to send you private comments through SMS or in the app itself. Tell them you will respond, so they understand you value their opinions.


Your business needs to know who your customers are. Clover helps you keep track of this information. With “Clover Customers,” you can learn more about your customers. In addition, this tool will help you store credit card sales and other customer data.

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Fiddan I.


I can't live without Clover helping me run my business! Is it perfect? No! Is it actually more reliable and better than other systems? Yes! Definitely recommend getting Clover!


Kezban Kezban


The company is great to deal with and the sales consultant is very professional, helpful and goes the extra mile. They build relationships with the customers and are always willing to help. The product itself is amazing, easy and great to use, it makes life so much easier. Would recommend this company for anyone looking for a new provider and I have already introduced some friends who are also extremely happy.


Reece kilcoyne


I don’t have a bad word to say about clover, from the start we have had first class service from our business consultant Hannah always there when we have a question and if she can’t attend she is there to help ok the phone. She is a true credit to the Clover team and I highly recommend using this company. Many thanks for your ongoing support and commitment.


Dave Halliburton


Had good experiences with Clover over the past year. Able to help out with technical issues promptly. Great hardware supplied, (Clover mobile) Customers like the look of the device and the speed of transactions. Fantastic service from the background staff, Local rep Mark is always on hand to help with anything big or small.


Clare hamilton


Can honestly say that this pay system has been a godsend. Clients love how technical and high end the system is, the touch screen is a great first impression to give to clients. Makes you like like you are on the ball. The on hand transaction history and over the phone transactions are so easy to use. Can honestly say have never looked back in the 9 years of trading clover have been the best pay system we have come across. Highly recommended

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