Choosing Flowers For Special Occasions

Our lives are filled with joyous events that deserve to be appreciated. 

These events can be personal, like a loved one’s anniversary or birthday, or they can be national holidays, like Independence Day. No matter what the occasion is, sending flowers is a great way to show that you care.

A bouquet of flowers is a common way to say congratulations to a colleague, and accompanying the bride down the aisle with a hand-made bouquet of flowers is a cherished tradition.

Do you know that there are different types of arrangements you can bring to each event? Tulips or roses, sunflowers or bonsai? Today we will help you understand the difference.

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Flowers for Lovers

Your anniversary is near, but you’re not yet sure of what flower arrangement best fits this occasion. If you’re not sure what flowers to get, a good rule of thumb is to go with the flower that is associated with the number of years you have been married. 

For example, if you are celebrating your 5th anniversary, you would give your spouse a bouquet of daisies, which are the traditional 5-year anniversary flower.

If you’re unsure what type of flowers to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day, consider their favorite type of flower. 

Roses are always a classic choice, but lilies, daisies, and tulips are also popular options. 

You can also consider the meaning of different flowers to find the perfect bouquet. For example, red roses symbolize love and passion, while white roses represent purity and innocence. Whatever you choose, make sure the flowers are fresh and in season to show.

Do not select Begonias or if you are looking for a romantic gesture. They signify cheerfulness and would be more appropriate as a gift for a friend.

Birthday Flowers

Roses and orchids are two of the best birthday plants because they are symbols of love and appreciation. Tulips are also good because they are symbols of rebirth and new beginnings. 

A beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers is also a birthday favorite. Mixed flowers can include roses, lilies, daisies, lobelia, sunflowers, and more. You can select a mixed bouquet by color themes or jumble them together and have a riot of color. This is a great gift for someone who loves flowers and appreciates a variety of them.

Wedding Flowers

People often hire professional florists to arrange flowers for special occasions like weddings because they want everything to look perfect. Decorations and flowers are a big part of making any event feel special. 

The right wedding flowers can make or break your special day. 

Flowers For Other Occasions

While flowers are commonly given as a gesture of appreciation or love, they can also be used to celebrate other momentous occasions.

 Here are a few examples:

  • A basket of daisies is a great way to say congratulations for a new job or promotion!
  • Tulips are perfect for saying “I’m sorry” after an argument.
  • Lilies are ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any garden or home.
  • Roses are commonly gifted on Valentine’s Day, but they can also be used to say “thank you” or “I love you” on other occasions.
  • Carnations are often given as funeral flowers, since they represent remembrance and sympathy.
  • A cheerful bouquet of flowers can brighten up someone’s day who is feeling under the weather.

Office and corporate gatherings

Large-scale events like corporation gatherings need flowers to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Flowers can be used to decorate the venue, as well as to create centerpieces and other decorations. They can also be given as gifts to guests or used as part of a corporate branding strategy.

Many florists offer plants and plant care for offices. This can include a variety of services, from supplying plants to an office space, and maintaining and caring for them on a regular basis. 

Plants can be a great way to brighten up a workspace and make it more inviting for employees, customers, and clients. 

The Benefits of Subscription Plans

If you want to always have fresh flowers in your office or home, a subscription plan is the way to go. 

You can choose how often you would like to receive a delivery, and what type of flowers you would like or leave these decisions to the professional florist.

There are many benefits to choosing a flower subscription plan. 

  • It can be a very cost-effective way to get your flowers. Many times, you can get a discount for signing up for a flower subscription plan. 
  • It can be a convenient way to get your flowers. You can have them delivered to your door on a regular basis without having to remember to order them yourself. 
  • It can be a great way to support your local florist.
  • You will save time if you don’t need to care for your office plants.
  • Constant fresh plants supplied to your office or home can be changed depending on the seasons. 

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Final Thoughts

Different occasions call for different types of flowers. A birthday is a happy occasion, so you might want to send brightly-colored flowers. A funeral is a sad occasion, so you might want to send white flowers. There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the right type of flower for each occasion.

Whatever you choose, make sure the flowers are fresh and in season.

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With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect way to make your special event an unforgettable memory.  

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