CCP by Clover Network, inc

We are confident that offers the best rates in its business niche. They are some of the most effective. And the process of applying for is straightforward and fast. It’s easy to verify this: sellers are encouraged to request a free quote. Thousands of American businesses work with this system. Most of them are small businesses. This fact indirectly suggests that their rates and fees and rates are affordable and low.

Main characteristics

Payment technology (in-store, online, and mobile) — yes Availableness — suitable for small businesses API tools — yes Omni Analytics — meticulous reports Excellent customer support — FAQ, 24/7 by phone and online Flat fee processing — no hidden prices Terminals — excellent reports E-Commerce — yes Funding — meticulous reports Omni integration — accurate reports. Types, Coverage, and Markets The more transactions you make, the more you save. offers half a dozen pricing options. It allows businesses of all sizes to have access to an efficient flat-rate pricing model. The flexibility of setting up an account for yourself is the only negative moment when working with this system. But for merchants with a monthly turnover of more than $ 1000, it is insignificant. Other offerings iAccess provides a free business management portal well suited for many things, such as online reputation management and transactional data analysis. For young companies, DCC offers Clover – a free POS system. The Simple Checkout option, available on the company’s website, will help nonprofits, political organizations, and online merchants customize Buy and Donate buttons linked to a checkout page. By the way, after the registration a businessman will receive Verifone or vX520. These are card terminals that can be used after signing an inexpensive 12-month contract. The good news: the company can accommodate its counterparty and reprogram terminals in case of compatibility problems. provides a payment gateway. It allows merchants to take orders by phone and e-mail and supports regular subscriptions. Multiple card readers are available with the MobilePay processing agreement. There is an opportunity to work with them for free. The system is good with Clover. It provides a complete range of cash register systems. The issuing bank processes the applications. Sometimes, a high-risk seller’s claim is sent to an alternate processing partner specializing in their business type for verification. Customer support Online web form – available. Live chat – available. Phone number: 800-242-1685. Address: 128 Vision Park Blvd #300, Conroe, TX 77384. Site includes an FAQ division, thematical articles, and glossary for credit card processing. Pros and Cons Pros

  • Offline business looking to enable NFC (contactless) payments
  • All types of medium and small businesses
  • Internet companies that dream of accepting a wider range of payments by plastic cards


  • Venture businesses
  • Big business.

Bottom line recently turned 20 years old. This fact proves once again that this company is one of the most reliable payment processing systems in history. This provider offers the most daring and cutting-edge approach to payment processing our analysts have encountered in the US market. If they so wish, businessmen can get a low transaction cost plus a business membership for only a monthly fee. This move by the CPC is one of the most revolutionary in American pricing. There were fixed-rate options before, but they were suitable for either very large or tiny businesses.