Best Flower Subscription Offers 

Did the lockdown at the beginning of COVID-19 get you down? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a flower delivery subscription already set up? 

I bet the homes and offices that did already have subscriptions were so happy. It was 3 months into the pandemic before the idea dawned on me to set up a flower delivery subscription and what a difference it made on our mental health!

A flower subscription can bring fresh flowers into your home or office on a regular basis, adding a touch of beauty and elegance. 

Flowers have been shown to boost moods and create a more positive environment, so a regular subscription can help to create a more pleasant and inviting space. In addition, flowers can help to purify the air and reduce stress levels, so a subscription can be a great way to improve your overall well-being.

We loved having fresh flowers in our home during the dark days of the pandemic, and we’ve decided to continue getting them delivered every other week. It’s such a simple pleasure that brightens up our home and brings us joy.

We tried a few different floral companies over the last 2+ years and I wanted to share our findings with you.

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What To Look For In A Flower Subscription

The first thing to consider is how often you want your flowers delivered. Weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly?

Next question to answer is what kind of flowers do you want?  

Some options include freshly cut flowers that are seasonal, all roses in every delivery, a mixed arrangement or live plants. Maybe you want some of each delivered on a regular basis. 

Your local florist may also offer live plants on a subscription. You can take care of them by yourself, or the florist can come to you on a regular basis and take care of them. 

Here are some questions to answer as you search for a flower subscription service;

  • Does your florist offer term subscriptions or ongoing? 
  • Are the flowers coming from a local florist or a national company delivering them by mail?
  • Can you customize your orders?
  • Do you need to pay up front or are they charged as they are sent?

3 Subscription Companies To Try

UrbanStems has an easy to navigate site with a lot of menu options to take you directly to what you want. They have one of the best subscription plans available, offering pay as you go or pay once, up front for 3, 6, 9, or 12 deliveries spaced in intervals of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

They offer 3 plans with different price points with savings of between 10%-25%. The first delivery includes a vase for their 2 lower priced plans but in their top plan you get a vase each delivery.

1-800 Flowers posts a checkbox for a subscription on each bouquet’s order page, which is so convenient. They have a large selection to choose from with prices between $39 to over $300. You save 15% with a subscription and you are charged as they are shipped.

All arrangements are designed and delivered by a shop in your local area, so you are helping local florists.

BloomsyBox breeds, grows, cuts and arranges their own flowers. They offer 3 monthly plans and 2 weekly plans so, you can get flowers delivered to you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Prices range between $45- $55.

According to their website they “only ship the finest flowers grown at eco-friendly flower farms that are Rainforest Alliance certified”.

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Final Thoughts…

Now that we are back to some semblance of normal, and returning to offices, a flower subscription for the office seems like a great idea. It will make employees and customers feel happy seeing fresh new bouquets of beautiful flowers welcoming them into your office space.

A subscription to a flower delivery service is a great way to show your loved ones or best friends that you care about them. This gift keeps on giving all year, as they will receive a fresh bouquet of flowers on regular intervals.